Solidarity Sundays East End Endorses David Pechefsky

Solidarity Sundays East End is excited to announce that we are officially endorsing David
Pechefsky, Democratic candidate for New York’s Congressional District 1. Solidarity
Sundays East End is part of a nationwide network of over 100 feminist activist groups
focused on resisting the current administration, as well as the systemic inequities that
existed long before Nov. 8, 2016. After carefully weighing the other Democratic
candidates, we have decided that Pechefsky is the one true progressive who will energize
the Democratic base of CD1 to defeat Lee Zeldin in November.

Over the past several months, we have gotten to know Pechefsky and his team well. His
values completely align with those of our organization. Pechefsky has demonstrated an
unwavering commitment to affordable housing, single payer healthcare, women's choice,
campaign finance reform, gun control, free higher education, and compassionate
immigration reform. He will engage disenfranchised voters with his unapologetic
progressive platform. He will give people something actively to vote for. Increasingly, we
have seen the momentum building behind Pechefsky, as evidenced by the following of
young, energized voters from across the district who have been drawn to his campaign.

As Bryony Freij, one of the leaders of Solidarity Sundays, writes, “What makes David
stand out from the other candidates is his broad vision for the Democratic Party and the
future of this country. It has become clear to me that when he fights, it’s not about
himself and his own personal campaign. David has devoted his entire professional life to
public service and building up democracies both at home and abroad. This campaign is
an extension of that tireless dedication to public service. David is battling for the rights of
his wife and daughters, strong women in their own right, and for all people who aspire to
a better future.”

While Solidarity Sundays East End seriously considered other candidates, after thoughtful
analysis, we can say with confidence that David Pechefsky is the one candidate who will
emerge from the June primary with the following and energized electorate to flip CD1 blue
in November. We need a representative to fight for us every single day and not serve as a
rubber stamp for established or corporate interests. Pechefsky is the one to do this. He will
be a leader in Congress, resisting the racism and isolationism of the Trump administration.
He will not only help to guide our country out of these desperate times, but be a force for
substantive change and a more hopeful America.

Elliot Tolkin