Zeldin Must Brush up on the Constitution

Rep. Lee Zeldin recently called -- on Fox News, of course -- the behavior of sanctuary city officials “unconstitutional.”

This is false.

In fact, Immigration and Customs Enforcement is operating unconstitutionally. Courts have found local law enforcement agencies that detain people on the basis of ICE administrative requests are in violation of the “unreasonable searches and seizures” clause of the Fourth Amendment. Unfortunately, this is happening right now in Suffolk County.

Rep. Zeldin also said federal resources should be withheld to force localities to comply with ICE. This is the same threat Trump is making, and it is also unconstitutional. Congress, not the executive, has the power of the purse.  

Instead of working to find real solutions to the issues facing Long Island that address how to build strong, healthy, violence free communities where immigrants and non-immigrants live together as friends and partners, Zeldin prefers to grandstand on TV.  

photo via the Daily News


David Pechefsky